Love it when one of my politically charged posts resurfaces and becomes consumed by anger and hate


A Carcass

Darling, remember what we saw
…..that beautiful summer morning
a rotting thing at the turn of the path
…..on a bed that was sown with pebbles

with its legs in the air like a woman ready
…..burning and sweating it opened
in a cynical offhand way
…..a womb exhaling poison.

The sun shone on this rottenness
… it to the point
Great Nature got back a hundred ways
…..what it had joined as one.

Heaven looked down on this wonderful carcass
… it would on a flower blooming
there in the grass where the stench was so strong
… thought it would send you swooning.

The flies crawled over its belly bloated
… hordes of black maggots flowing
thick as a boiling liquid
…..over all of it moving

it flew up and flew down like a cloud
…..or rushed forth sparkling at you—
you might have said it swelled with a breath
…..that lived by multiplying itself

giving off a strange soft music
… running water or the wind
or the sound a winnower makes
…..shaking grain back and forth in his pan

its form was erased, came again changed
… a dream or a sketch long forgotten
left on a canvas the artist remembers
…..when he wants to draw it.

Behind the rocks a jittery bitch
…..was looking angrily at us
spying the moment to pull from the bones
…..the piece she had let go of.

Darling, one day you’ll be this filth
…..this horrible infection
star of my night’s, my nature’s sun
… angel and my passion

yes, you’ll be, Queen of the Graces
…..after the last sacraments
under the ground and the flowering grasses
…..rotting among the skeletons.

Then, my Beauty, tell the worms
…..who’ll eat you with their kisses
that I still keep the form of my love
…..decomposed and its divine essence.

- Charles Baudelaire
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I just took a midnight to 8 am shift because I’m poor an I apparently hate myself 

It’s only 1:30 and I already regret this.

increase the diet coke

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Real Talk

I was always really self conscious about how my mouth was crooked because of my cleft lip and palate. Like, I know my jaw is misaligned. They were going to break it and reset it but couldn’t do it before my insurance was going to run out.

And it always really bothered me. I would try to find ways to take photos that would make it less noticeable. But now I kind of feel like it gives my face character.

My nose that doesn’t quite look right. My misaligned jaw.

It’s cute. 

And there’s literally nothing I can do to change it, so I might as well accept it.

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The blocking feature works best against those who make threats. I would also advise reporting them for harassment.


Threatened with termination, maybe.

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